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All new projects begin with a virtual consultation with Clare.

40-minute Zoom $200 

I'd love to see photos of your home and your wish list before we speak:

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Clare's work can only be described using superlatives. But the work itself is only half the story. Working with her to see your collective vision come to life is just as rewarding.  – Christina

“We did a two hour consult with Clare and came away with pages of ideas and suggestions. By figuring out how to use the pieces we have, get clear on what we needed to buy and how to make them all work together, our consult with Clare was a huge leap forward.” – Karen + Josh

“There is no way I could do something like this without you and your knowledge and experience.” – Kara

"I so loved working with Clare! I especially loved her intuitive, present ability to key in to my tastes and visions." - Mac

“I am LOVING this place. The kitchen and bath are as expected: Amazing. And the bedroom makes me relax just walking in!” – Alison

“There’s nothing you can do with my kitchen,” is what Clare Donohue often hears when people call her to do something with their kitchen. They’ve called the right person. – Manhattan User’s Guide

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