How can I help?

I design projects big and small, from complete gut renovations to a single room.

All projects begin with an initial consultation in the client’s home.

See below to decide which level of collaboration suits your project best.

*Items marked with an asterisk are available as a stand-alone service.


The first 20-minute phone call is complimentary, then we'll schedule a time to meet. Before we speak, I'd like to review photos and a floor plan of your home, as well as your wish list, proposed budget and time frame. A site meeting will help assess structural details not apparent in the floor plan. Then we can discuss design options and logistics. 



For single bathroom or kitchen renovations, design services are provided by the hour, typically requiring an average of 3-5 hours per week (roughly $2–4K per month), for a process that may take 26 months.

Independent study: Some clients have the confidence to manage their own renovations with minimal guidance. If you just need a little help getting started, consider a stand-alone consultation or an occasional check-in. Clients call on me for expert guidance, a second opinion, product recommendations.

Hourly rate: $225. Ongoing projects require a minimum 5-hour retainer.


I've been drawing floor plans for fun since I was 8. It's my favorite thing. I love teasing out the best layout from a quirky space.

Detailed floor plans and elevations will be produced for your project. A set of plans is the basis for contractor bids and Board review. Drafting for smaller projects is done by the hour. For larger projects, fees are quoted on a project-by-project basis. A set of drawings typically costs $3,000—10,000 depending whether the project requires Department of Buildings (DOB) filing,


Any renovation is a multi-stage process far beyond deciding what the space should look like. After assessing your scope and co-op rules, I'll guide you through the process and also direct you to needed contractors and specialists.

Gut renovations: Design services are provided on a flat monthly basis, from $4–7K per month for projects lasting 6 months or more.

When we do a gut renovation, we can integrate paint color and furniture selections throughout the process.


Before construction begins, you’ll need to decide which tiles, flooring, countertops, faucets, appliances, lighting, etc. Expert advice saves the cost and disappointment of making the wrong choice. I suggest an edited selection tailored to your particular design. On large renovations, we track a spreadsheet of all choices and color code pending decisions by priority.

I don’t believe in the old-fashioned markup system. Clients cover only the time required to source and traffick materials. The trade price is the price you pay.


For rooms that just need a tweak, not major construction. We'll sort your existing belongings, advise what to keep or toss, suggest new furnishings, artwork, window treatments, and all the finishing touches. Then we'll finesse the final staging. Services provided by the hour.


Sometimes all you need to refresh your home is a decent paint job. The confidence to choose the right colors makes all the difference. Depending on the number of rooms, the time required may range from 4 – 12 hours. Painting services are not included but if you need one, a painter can be referred.


Renovation is a team effort in which the client, contractor, designer and project manager support each other and reach decisions by consensus.

My role as designer is to ensure the finished product matches the vision we’ve created. Site meetings and emails keep the client informed, even if it’s not possible to be on site. I make scheduled and random site visits throughout construction to check on progress and confer with the contractor, inspect deliveries, and respond to new developments.

“You rock, tip after amazing tip!” “The best money I’ve spent.” 

“Practical and straightforward information.” “Fantastic pointers.” “Loved your ideas.” 

“Pretty amazing to see the possibilities in just an hour.”

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