Design Services and Fees

Every project, big or small, begins as a virtual consultation. Remote design services, ongoing "independent studies" and gift certificates are also available.


A  virtual consult with Clare launches all new projects or can be organized as a stand-alone service. Please send along any relevant photos, floor plans and wish lists ahead of time, including your building's Alteration Agreement. 

The consultation helps me evaluate your space to bring out its full potential. I’ll ask lots of questions to nail down what you feel would make your home work better for you, and the photos will tell me a lot about what the space itself needs. Depending on how big a job it is, I can often advise on what to expect, such as how much time would be involved, the type of filing you may need, whether your construction budget and wish list are well matched, etc. 

Further design services may be contracted for afterwards. The cost of the consultation is not deductible from future work and participating in a consultation does not commit either party to a larger project. 

A 40-minute zoom is $200.  Schedule a consult.


For single-room renovations or decorating projects, design services typically run $2-4K per month, with time frames of 2–6 months that may be intermittent. There is a 5-hour minimum for a la carte services.

A la carte design services:

Kitchen or Bath Design    A scaled-down version of the integrated design services provided at right. 

Readymade Decorating™     For rooms that just need a tweak, not major construction. We'll sort your existing belongings, advise what to keep or toss, suggest new furnishings, artwork, window treatments, and all the finishing touches. More info. 

Paint Palettes    Sometimes all you need is the right color. Typically requires 4 – 12 hours. 

Independent study    Some clients have the confidence to manage their own renovations with minimal guidance. If you just need a little help getting started, consider a stand-alone consultation or an occasional check-in. Clients call on me for expert guidance, a second opinion, product recommendations. 


Full-scale projects usually require an average of 5 hours per week for the duration. For multi-room or gut renovations, design services typically run $4–7K per month, with time frames of 6-18 months

Design services include:

Integrated Design    The entire space is considered, including lighting, traffic patterns, storage, paint color, furnishings, and materials. 

Drafting    Detailed floor plans and elevations can be produced. A set of plans is the basis for contractor bids and Board review. Typically runs $3,000—10,000.

Materials Selection    I suggest an edited selection of tiles, fixtures, lighting, and other materials. 

Integrated Decorating    When we design a larger project, paint colors and furniture selection are integrated with the renovation plan. More info. 

Construction Alignment    I can make myself available for occasional check-ins during construction to ensure that the installation aligns with our envisioned design. 


Design services are provided by the hour. Principal @ $235 PH / Design Assistant @ $150 PH /Non-design helper @ $75 PH. Hours are tracked on a time sheet and invoiced monthly. The designer does not believe in the old-fashioned mark-up system. Third parties are paid directly by the client without mark up. The trade discount on purchases is extended to the client wherever available. 

“You rock, tip after amazing tip!” “The best money I’ve spent.” "Really takes 'one-to-one' to heart!"
“Practical and straightforward information.” “Fantastic pointers.” “Loved your ideas.” 
“Pretty amazing to see the possibilities in just an hour.”

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