Renovation 101

Here is a very basic outline of the process and who gets involved at each step, from start to finish. 

  • Initial Consultation (client + designer)
  • Design and drafting (designer)
  • MILESTONE: Submittal of alteration package to board  (client, project manager, approvals team, managing agent)
  • Review process (building engineer, approvals team)
  • Vetting contractor bids – concurrent (project manager + client)
  • Materials and fixture selection– concurrent (designer + client)
  • MILESTONE: Approval by building engineer
  • Submit package to Department of Buildings (project manager + approvals team)
  • Review process by DOB (approvals team)
  • Approval by DOB
  • Possible review by Landmarks (LPC)
  • Insurances and permits to managing agent (contractor, approvals team)
  • MILESTONE: Managing agent grants permission to start
  • Pack up and move out, send rugs to cleaners, belongings to storage
  • Demolition (contractor)
  • Address any discoveries (designer, contractor, client, project manager)
  • Active construction (contractor, project manager, designer, client)
  • MILESTONE: Substantial completion of construction 
  • Finishing touches, install of furnishings (designer, contractor)
  • Inspections – concurrent (contractor, project manager, approvals team)
  • Final close out of permits (contractor, project manager)
  • Final close out of project (managing agent, project manager)

“I can’t tell you how much we love our apartment and how appreciative we are for how easy you made it!” – Wendy

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