How it Works:


The client and designer collaboration is key. Together, we create the vision for what will be built. That vision is realized with the help of several third party specialists. 

See design fees here.


I am happy to make site and virtual visits as construction proceeds. I can work with a contractor of your choosing to ensure that our vision is built as intended. 

See typical construction budgets here.


Most clients do not have time to oversee a large renovation. It is strongly recommended to hire a third party project manager to coordinate the contractor, co-op board, and other parties. 

See details about timing here.


There's an art to presenting your project to DOB and management in a way that eases approval. I can advise on what to expect and liaison with your project manager.

See details about the process here

“Don’t be fooled by Clare’s easy demeanor.
She’s an unwavering advocate for the client and the work. 
It’s clear that anything less than the best won’t do.” – Jeff

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