Gramercy Park Gut Renovation

Steve wanted to open a doorway between his bedroom and living room but, as we developed the design, he said, "What if we just take the whole wall down?" That idea went against the advice of Steve's realtor, who worried about changing a one-bedroom into a studio.

But the choice was transformative: The space went from nicely scaled to expansive, connecting a bank of windows overlooking the park. Walnut floors and tall wainscoting unites the space, while broad headers over doors emphasize the height. Pocket doors replace hinged to make it even more free-flowing. With the dividing wall gone, there's no need for an unattractive window air conditioner, and the original casement window is now fully restored. In the kitchen, a fridge and pantry are hidden within classic millwork.

Once it was all done, Steve invited his realtor over: As the broker stepped through the door he gushed, "I can get double your money for this!" (But Steve's not selling.) 

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