Flooded With Color

A burst pipe from an upstairs neighbor provided the classic opportunity disguised as loss. The den had been previously decorated and custom cabinets built, but the room had become cluttered with exercise equipment and dead files. 

When a huge bookcase had to be removed to replace soaked drywall, the client seized the chance to rethink the space. We swung the bookcase around to the end wall, making space for a double Case Study sofa, plumped with pillows in Necco Wafer colors. The paint color was lightened, inspired by the original curtains. 

Durable white quartz now tops low cabinets that were damaged by sunlight. An unused recess was fitted with an office armoire, complete with a sit/stand desk and roll-out printer tray.  Easily movable ottomans and a Swan chair suit the room's flexible uses as a home office / guest room / yoga studio / TV lounge.

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