Flatiron Loft

It's a rare thing to get to collaborate with clients over a decade+ span, and a rarer thing for a space renovated over such a long span to hang together well. The truth is, Mary and Rob's loft really didn't, until the last (and final?) refresh. 

Mary has always been a design enthusiast, and over the course of more than 14 years, her taste expanded from Mission to Hollywood Glam to MidCentury, with the occasional side trip to pop art. By the time the last room was renovated, it all looked a bit cobbled together. 

But by stripping things down to their essence, and repainting with a unifying palette, we discovered the bones of what we'd made together held up. The subliminal inspiration for our blue and warm brown palette stands right outside their windows. 

Scroll down for the transformation. 

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