How it Works:

The Design Team 

Together, the client and 121 principal, Clare Donohue, create the vision for what will be built. That vision is realized with the help of the construction and approvals teams. Let's discuss your renovation: Schedule a call.

The Approvals Team

There's an art to presenting your project to management in a way that eases approval. The team shepherds your project through a series of building and agency reviews.

The Construction Team

Active renovation is a joint effort shared by the client, designer, contractor, and project manager. I can refer contractors and other third party experts or work with a team of your choosing. 

Referrals to Third Party Specialists


Once plans are ready to bid, I can refer qualified contractors, matched to your type of project, personality, and budget. I'm also happy to work with your contractor if you already have someone on board. 

I provide a standardized scope of work, so bids can be compared apples to apples. I also provide a standardized construction contract which covers situations and tasks the average homeowner may not think to include. 

Contractor bids are never marked up and One to One Studio does not accept payments or percentages of any kind. The price quoted is the price you pay.


A project manager may be brought on to help order and traffick materials, coordinate scheduling and address non-design issues.  


I work with a wide array of craftspeople from cabinetmakers to upholsterers, paper hangers, etc. 


A quality renovation benefits from proper maintenance. At the close of the project, I provide care and feeding instructions for regular cleaning. I will also refer specialists for deep cleaning stone, tile and furnishings. After construction wraps, a third party expert is referred to oversee any warrantee or maintenance needs, whether they come up immediately afterwards or years down the line. 

“Don’t be fooled by Clare’s easy demeanor.
She’s an unwavering advocate for the client and the work. 
It’s clear to her contractors (and she’ll make it clear to yours) 
that anything less than the best won’t do.” – Jeff

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